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Detail Authority is dedicated to customer service and we would like to offer a few simple ways to obtain an estimate regarding your dent removal, bumper damage or paint repair.

#1. Email us your photos to Free Quote - Don't forget to include your name and city you are from. Please provide as much information as you can (Year, Make and Model of Vehicle) for the most accurate estimate possible.

#2. Picture message us your photos from your camera phone. It's simple and fast. Don't worry, we won't call back unless you request us too. Send your photos to 703-470-7800. Please leave a brief description of the damaged area and we will reply back within 15 minutes or shorter.

#3. We can set up a personal mobile estimate ($50 trip charge) and come to you. Our trip charge is applied towards the service if you decide to do the repair.

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Free Quick Quote from Detail Authority

  1. Take a picture from 2 - 3 feet at a 45 degree angle
  2. Repeat from other side
  3. Email pictures or text to 703-470-7800