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Paintless Dent Repair

Remove Door Ding and Small Dents Keep you Factory Paint NO Fillers & Bondo, NO Sanding, NO Repainting

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the Preferred method of repairing small dents and dings. PAintless Dent Removal is a great way to remove small dents from your vehicle without using fillers, bondo and you dont loose you Factory finish. Those annoying door dings caused by other car doors, shopping carts and other objects that hit the sides of you car can be fixed. Hail damage, falling acorns, errant baseballs and other falling objects from the sky that dent your car also be fixed and is the insurance approve and recommended way to fix your car.

PDR is an alternate way to fix small dents without repainting your car. PDR is much cheaper than body shops and can generally be done within one hour as opposed to the 4-5 days a body shop would require. With PDR you do not run the risk of having the traditional problems you might get by repainting. Some of the most common problems include the new paint not matching the old paint. The new paint can fade, peel or even crack in just a few years if not properly prepared or if cheap products are used. The fillers and bondo can be seen after the car is repainted if not properly sanded and smoothed out, and can even crack in the years to come. Paint over spray is a very common problem which we see while detailing cars on almost a daily basis. All of this not to mention, just a poor paint job, showing grinder marks, specs, runs and orange peel in the paint.

There are several myths about the Paintless Dent Repair process. Some of these Myths include using heat or dry ice to "pop" the dent out or using suction cups to pull the dent out. The PDR process is done by using many different tools to work the dent back out. **Dents are removed and generally you cannot notice where the original dent was. This process requires a lot of specialized training, practice, patience and skill, as well as a keen eye. There are certain parameters that govern the effectiveness of this process. The best results come from dents generally not larger than 2-3 inches across and no creases or sharp indentations. The dent can not be on a body line and the paint cannot already be cracked. Please feel free to come by our shop or call and speak to one of our technicians if you have any questions.

Small Door Dings and Dents
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Large Door Dings and Dents
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** Note: All prices may vary due to difficulty and location of dents. These prices are to be used only as estimates. Prices are based on up to 3-4 Average Dents Per Pannel, Average dents are considered to be a quarter size or smaller on side panels, no creases, no sharp dents, no dents on curved area or body lines. Hoods, Roofs, and Trunk lids not included. Aluminum panels 25% extra.

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