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Paint Touch Up

Paint touch-up is an affordable way to cover up and make those small rock chips and scratches less noticeable. Touch up also helps protect those areas from rusting. Touch up will not make them disappear completely, like the more expensive conventional repair process of sanding and repainting, but will make them much less noticeable. Example above of what you can expect from touch up.

Paint Touch up Before     Paint Touch up After

Paint Touch-up- 2 Stage Paint (most colors) $70 - $125
Paint Touch up- 3 Stage Paint (pearl colors) $90- $150
Buffing and color sanding by estimate

Note- Vehicles with larger amounts of damage and larger sized bumpers will be priced according to the amount of work to repair area. We are NOT a auto body center, therefore we DO NOT do collision, frame damage repairs, and entire car repainting.